what happens when you block someone on discord

What happens when you block someone on Discord – EXPLAINED 2022

Discord is truly good at avoiding other users from sending you unsolicited messages or spam. But even with all of their privacy settings. Sometimes users can be genuinely annoying after a while or after you beat them in a game. For these people, usually, the best solution is to block them. If you don’t know how to check this tutorial.

If you have already blocked someone, you wonder if he can send you messages or use the same servers as you. Here is everything that happens if you block someone on the Discord app, it does not matter if you have blocked them on your computer or phone. The rules are the same.

Three things that happen when you block someone on Discord

what happens if you block someone on discord
  1. If you were friends on Discord with this person, he or she would be immediately removed from your friend’s list
  2. If you are connected to the same server as the blocked person, his or her messages will be hidden for you
  3. The blocked user will no longer have privileges to send you alerts or mention you by your username in the servers you share


If I block someone on Discord, can they see my messages?

Unfortunately, if you have blocked the user, he or she will still have access to your private messages that you have shared with each other. This might be annoying, but we understand why the rules are this way. If someone blocks you, you still might want to have access to messages you have send to each other and have the possibility to read them. 

Can blocked user see my status?

Even though you have blocked that user, they will be able to see your online status. We have to take a look at privacy settings, and unfortunately, there is no workaround for this. They just will be able to see your status.

How to hide entirely from blocked user

Unfortunately, there is no quick solution to this. If you want to indeed hide from that user, you can either stay in Invisible status, here is how you can enable it. Or you would have to create a new account, which is not the best solution if you have messages, servers and etc., that you don’t want to lose. 

But if you are using only a couple of servers, it is probably best to create a brand new account with a different username and profile photo. And delete your old one.

How do I know if I have been blocked on discord?

This is a bit tricky since if someone has blocked you, you won’t receive any email or any kind of notification. But if you have a suspicion that a particular user has blocked you. You have to options to find out if you have been blocked by that person or not.
If you have been friends with that person on Discord, you need to head over to your friend list. If that user is no longer there, he either unfriended you or blocked you.
How do I know if I have been blocked on discord? Two tips how to find out if you ahve been or have not been blocked
If you haven’t been friends, you need to find the server which you have shared. If you cannot see his or her messages on that server, you have been blocked by that person.
If you have not been friends or shared a server together, there is zero chance to find out if you have been blocked. The only thing you can do is to ask that person on some other social media app or in person. But that can be a bit weird.

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