how to see deleted messages on discord

How to see Deleted Discord messages ✅ 2022 Guide

You might be wondering, like many other Discord chatters, how you could possibly recover messages that have been already deleted from the server chat or private messages.

discord how to see deleted messages

Unfortunately, there is no way how to see messages that have been deleted from Discord. One the message is deleted unless you have run a bot on that server that logs messages. If not, the message or messages that you are searching for can’t be recover.

Other websites may tell you otherwise. There are many services, tools, and plugins, that offer you recovering deleted messages. Which we have discussed earlier that none of these can work unless you have a functional log bot on your server.

Message Logger V2

We highly do not recommend you not to install this plugin. Many users report it as unsafe, and it does not work. It only works if you have your own bot, which would log messages from the server. And trust me, if you had one, you would know it. It just does not come with every server.


It claims that you should have access to the last ten deleted messages. But there is nothing that could recover messages on Discord that have been previously deleted. They will try to sell you their premium membership. Don’t even install the app.

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