discord search not working? here are few tips how you can fix this!

Discord Search Not Working 2022 – 100% Working Fix

In recent months there have been several new threads that Discord search function is not working. 

1.How to Fix broken Discord search

Number 1 cause of search function not working on Discord is your no internet connection or even limited. How to fix this?

  1. Go to your modem and unplug it (if you don’t want to unplug it, hold the power button circa for 10-20 seconds, and the modem will turn itself off)
  2. Wait 3-6 minutes, and then you can plug the modem back into the socket; if it does not turn on automatically, press the power button.
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes before your modem connects to the internet.

If the search function is still not working, try another fix.

2.Restart your Discord app and possibly update

Restart your Discord app if it shows you that you can update it. Update your app to the latest version.

3.Is Discord Server having some issues

  1. Click here to visit discordstatus.com
  2. Check if the server is experiencing some issues that day. If you see the similar (99% uptime +) status as on the screenshot below this, the issue is on your end.
    discord search function not working

Suppose there are not issues visible in discord status. You can be sure that the issue is not at the Discord but on your end. Try another fix.

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5.Search on Different device

It might sound like a joke. But it is not. If the search function is not working in your Windows app, try to open Discord on your phone(iPhone or Android) and try the search function there.

Download Discord for Android.

Download Discord app for iOS.

6.Search Manually on Discord 

This is not really a fix to this problem. But if none of the tips above have helped. You can’t search for an unknown reason. So manual search might be appealing to you.

There is, unfortunately, no method for this. Just open a conversation feed and try to find the text or item that you have been looking for. 

It takes time, but at least you have a chance to find it.

Last thoughts

Many other articles from our competition are offering as a solution to write a support ticket to fix this issue. It has been tested, and so far, they have not replied to any of our support tickets. So this is one of the methods that is not recommended by us. But if you have time on your hands, you can try. Just don’t expect a quick reply or maybe a reply at all.

If nothing have helped, you can try few fixes from this article. They are for different issue, but very few reades have reported that it helped them with search as well.

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