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How to Fix Discord Mic not working on Mac & Windows 2022 Guide

Discord is hands down the best VOIP service for gamers on the market right now. It has been that way for quite some time now. Not only that, it is available on all platforms imaginable. It is an easy application to use. And the Discord development team is doing a great job as well. They have the fastest updates of usual bugs reported by users.

With saying all these good words about this app, there are still persisting some bugs in the app. For example, if your Mic is not working the way it should is an easily fixable bug. Most often, these errors happen on the Discord application. Only once in a while has someone an issue with it in a browser. 

Here are few step-by-step guides which should enable you to communicate via the microphone on Discord again.

Possible fixes for Mic not working on Discord

Here are the most common fixes for making the microphone work on Discord. Please try them one by one, and here is the most common issue.

Double-check if Discord is trying to use the right microphone

It might sound stupid. But from time to time, things like this happen. This issue usually happens to Windows users only.

Here is how to correct this bug

  1. Click on “User Settings” at the left bottom corner of the app [gear icon]
    Discord Mic not working fix step 1
  2. Click on “Voice&Video” in the left menu
    Discord Mic not working fix step 2
  3. Now check what is in the “INPUT DEVICE” set and check other microphones by clicking on the arrow to show a drop-down menu
    Discord Mic not working fix step 3
  4. Lastly, check if the “INPUT VOLUME” is maxed out
    Discord Mic not working fix step 4

Are your Audio Drivers updated to the latest version?

Another common fix is to update or install new audio drivers. Sometimes weird things happen, and the driver could be corrupted. But it might also be as easy as that the driver is out of date.

The best way to do this is to find out what is the model name of your audio card. Alternatively, if you have an audio card on your motherboard, find out what is the model name of your Mb.

Enable Automatic Input Sensitivity

If your automatic input sensitivity is disabled in the app microphone is not working.

Here is how you can enable this setting:

  1. Navigate to “User Settings” and click on “Voice & Video,” which appears underneath the “App Settings.”
  2. Click on “User Settings” at the left bottom corner of the app [gear icon]
  3. Click on “Voice&Video” in the left menu.
  4. Now check what is in the “INPUT SENSITIVE” set and check 
  5. Now, if your settings are correct, it should look similar to the screen below this. If not, click on the switch to the right side like on this screenshot to get input to detect automatically.
    Mic not working on Discord? Try to enable automatic sensitivity input

Change your privacy settings.

This issue is related to only Windows 8 users. Sometimes after an update of windows, depending on your settings, some apps might lose permissions. This usually happens if the privacy policy of that app is changed. It is the Mic disabled in the windows privacy settings. Congratulations, you have just found your solution.

Here is how to grant permissions for Discord to use a microphone

  1. Press”Windows Key”
  2. Search for Privacy Settings
  3. Click on Privacy Settings
  4. Scroll down in the left panel and Go to “Allow apps to access your microphone.”
  5. Turn this setting on if it is already not enabled.
  6. Then scroll down in which Microsoft store app can access your microphone till you find Discord.

And make sure it is enabled if it is not. Congratulations. You will fix your issue after turning this on.

Try switching OFF QoS on Discord. 

This is not a very common issue, but it has helped quite a few of our readers. This function on some computers causes some errors. So trying to disable it might help you. Here is how:

  1. Go to “User Settings”
  2. Click on “Voice and Video”
  4. And the switch of “Quality of Service High Packet Priority” like in the screenshot below
    mic not working in discord fix

Uninstal Discord and install it again

This is not a very good fix. But if none of these tips have helped your current situation. What do you have to lose? 

Uninstall Discord completely from your PC or Mac. Afterward, go to Discrod.com and download the latest version. 

Last fix

This fix almost wasn´t published. But few readers told us, that only deleting their account and signing up for a new account.

PS: If you have tried all of these tips and they havenť fixed your Mic not working. Go to Discord, specifically on this page, and submit a request. They try to reply to as many of these as they can. It is definitely worth trying, but don’t expect a reply in hours or even the first day or two…

Last thoughts

Suppose you have tried all of the methods listed above. There is some chance that the problem is not with the app or your computer. Your microphone could be the issue. Have you tested it with another app? If not, try this. 

Also, check if your microphone is plugged in and if it is plugged in the right spot. It might get disconnect when you were cleaning, or this happens actually quite often if you have an automatic vacuum robot.

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