How to DM someone on Discord without being friends

How to DM someone on Discord without being friends 2022 Guide

Discord is currently, without a doubt, the most popular chatting platform for gamers and online communities. But Discord is not only for gamers, and it can be used for so many different things. In some ways, it is quite similar to Reddit, where like-minded people and people with the same interests can connect.

However, it is not the most user-friendly platform. Discord can do almost anything, but it is sometimes hard to figure out how.

A very common issue is if you can on Discord message someone without friending them first.

Can you Discord direct message to not a friend?

If you are using Discord for gaming, you have definitely come across this. You have played with someone, but you are not on each other friends list. But you would like to stay in touch with this player for future games. Does Discord enable you to send them a DM and invite them to more games?

This depends on what his or her privacy settings are on Discord. Since Discord has almost a monopoly in this industry, it now has almost every setting imaginable. And one of them is privacy features, which can anyone set to their likings. Some people don’t mind if they receive unsolicited messages from other users. And some people like their privacy. Maybe that is why Discord is so popular nowadays. You can set it up to your needs and likings.

How to message someone on Discord without adding them!

One of the basic features of Discord is that trolls, spams, and other unsolicited messages are disabled default.

The default setting is that if you are not on each other’s friend list, you cannot message each other.

How to check if the user is on your friendliest

  1. Open your Discord app
  2. Go to Friends on the home tab of Discord
    discord message someone without friending them step 2
  3. Go through the list, and if the users are not there, you cannot send them a message

Don’t lose your hopes yet. Here are a few workarounds on how you can actually message that user without sending a DM.

Mutual channels method

This is the easiest and most straightforward way how to contact a person who is not on your friend list. But unfortunately, it won’t work for everyone. 

If you are in the same channel with that person, you can easily send on that server a message. Here is how:

  1. Open your Discord application
  2. Choose a server that you two have in common
    how to message someone on discord without adding them step 1
  3. Click on messages
    how to message someone on discord without adding them step 3
  4. Write @”write here his username,” then add a break and write your message to that user
    how to message someone on discord without adding them step 4

As you can see, this only works if you are in the same group/server. If you are not sharing a group with that person, check out the following method.

Send a friend request

This is definitely not a perfect method, but you need only to know that person’s username for this method to work. Here is how to contact not a friend via friend request:

  1. Open your Discord
  2. Click on the chat icon in the upper right corner
    discord direct message not friend step 2
  3. Click on “Add a friend”
    discord direct message not friend step 3
  4. Click on the bar as on the screenshot below and write “#” followed by that user’s username
    discord direct message not friend step 4

If the person does not accept your friend request, we have one more trick to message that user.

Inviting them to a new server

This is the last resource since it takes the most amount of time to set it up. But it works very well. If you do not know how to create a new Discord server, check out this article.

This method works best if you use server name “his/hers username + I would like to send you a message”

Once your new server is created, here is how you can invite that user:

  1. Open your new server
  2. Click on invite friends
  3. Copy the URL to the server
  4. Try to send that user your server URL

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