how to do the zoom in effect on tiktok

How to do the Zoom in effect on TikTok 2022 Guide

Have you already tried TikTok? If yes, have you ever tried to mess around with the face zoom-in effect? In recent months there have been thousands of shares from TikTok to Twitter with this particular effect.

If you have never used TikTok, it is a social media platform that will help you record videos on which you can place an effect before or after recording the video. There are visual and also sound effects as well on the platform.

How to use Zoom in effect on TikTok

  1. Open your TikTok ap
  2. Tap on the “+” button; don’t record yet
  3. Tap on “Effects”
  4. In the Effects sections, there are several filters usually which are changing places/ranking due to their popularity
  5. The zoom effect is usually within the trending section of effects. Look for an icon like on the screenshot below this
  6. Record your video & share it with the whole world

Alternative method how to find Face zoom in effect

  1. Open TikTok
    How to use zoom effect step 1
  2. Tap on “Discovery”
    How to use zoom effect step 2
  3. Tap on “Search”
    How to use zoom effect step 3
  4. Type in “Zoom”
    How to use zoom effect step 4
  5. Open few videos till you see the yellow “Face zoom” button, tap on it
    How to use zoom effect step 5
    How to use zoom effect step 6
  6. Add it to favorite and then click on the red button in the middle to record

Video tutorial

Suppose you are facing any issues in this process. Try to contact us and explain your issue. We’ll try to help you.

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