why do good girls like bad guys tik tok challange

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Why Do Good Grils Like bad Guys be a Tik Tok challenge that got popular back in musically days [when the company was operating under the name of musically]. Basically, in this challenge for the first half, in nice clothes, mostly dressed up. And in the second part of the video, they are wearing a lot of edgier style than before.

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Origin of Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys challenge

The first “viral” hit was back in 2018 when during August. Unfortunately, the original video is not available anymore. But it was quite a hit even when the original video was reuploaded to youtube several days later.

And this challenge carried over to other social media platforms. One of the first parodies made was from FrankJavCee on Twitter. He got over two thousand favorites and almost five hundred retweets even though the video posted nearly a month after the original video appeared on Tik Tok with the hashtag #badboychallangetiktok.

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