TikTok Quinton Griggs Bio, Age, Height, Birthday and Net Worth

TikTok Quinton Griggs Bio, Age, Height, Birthday, Net Worth ✅

Do you want to know more about the new TikTok start Quinton Griggs? He is quite new and also a hot social media star. He blew up on TikTok pretty fast. He is one of the most well-known Lip-sync and POV style dance creators on the TikTok app. he now has more than 7 million followers! His average video gets around 1.5 million views with over 100k likes and at least a few hundred comments. 


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His most famous videos and photos are with hair dye to blonde or platinum. Nowadays, he is recording with black hair. If you want to learn more about him, like what his age is, how tall he is and who he is currently dating.

Quinton Griggs Body Stats

What is quinton griggs height? Is he over 6 feet tall?

What is the height of Quinton Griggs? He is quite tall, and his height is 6ft 1in [181CM]. His body weight has changed since he became a TikTok star. He started at 130 lbs [58 Kg], but nowadays, he is a bit bulkier, and he is sitting around 136 lbs [62kg]. Truth be told, he looks a lot better at 136 lbs after he started working out more seriously. Unfortunately, he no longer has blonde hair. He died them to black again, which looks pretty good with his dark brown eyes.

What shoe size he has? From what we have heard, his shoe size is 10 US [41 EU].

Age & Birthday

quinton griggs birthday is on september 8th

His birthday is on September 8th, and he was born in 2003 in North Carolina, which makes Quinton Griggs, currently 17 years old man. Who was born in the birth sign Virgo. Which makes Quinton one of the most famous 17-year-olds on the planet earth. And definitely in TOP 100 famous under 18-year-old TikTokers. This is quite an achievement considering that he wasn’t popular on any other social media platform before joining TikTok App.

quinton griggs age makes him one of the most famous 17 year olds


He was born in Charlotte in North Carolina in The United States. Before he started his TikTok account back in 2019, he was a regular student who wasn’t interested much in social media apps.

His beginnings on TikTok were aimed only at dance videos and some lipsyncing videos. But nowadays, he is well known for his POV videos, where he talks about events, education, and mainly about music and local music events. 

Here is a great video that sumps up his content on TikTok:

In recent months one of his very passionate topics on which he talks a lot is breast cancer awareness. 

Lately, he has started experimenting with mimicking other artists on his TikTok videos.


One of his favorite hobbies is video games, to which he got slightly addicted as a kid in high school. And he still loves to play games on PS5 and Xbox One. His other hobby is traveling, and he loves traveling to Europe and spend his holidays there. He admitted that one of the best times he had was in Greece and also in Paris.

Future Plans

He is a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio and Scarlett Johansson, and he admitted that one day he would love to act. That is one of the reasons why he started recording mimicking videos on TikTok.

Net Worth

The net worth that we know about is over 3,5 million USD as of early 2021. He has started selling his own merchandise in 2020. The merch is called “district lines”. 

District lines merch is carrying shirts, fleeces, hats, bracelets, belts, and other accessories. Now in 2020, selling merch is becoming one of his main income streams.

He is donating part of his income from merchandise to breast cancer awareness.

One of the first income streams for Quinton was his YouTube channel, where he has over 178 thousand subscribers, and he is not even active on there anymore. 

One of the newer income streams for Quinton is his Instagram, on which he blew up in early 2020, and from that, his account snowballed to over 2,2 million followers.


Even though Quinton Griggs has over 7 million followers and millions of views online, he is trying to hide this part of his life, which is pretty challenging. 

But in all his interviews, he doesn’t talk about this topic or claim that he is single.

And if you look at his TikTok or any other social media like Instagram or his YouTube channel, he is always alone in his posts. So far, no one took a photo with him and his “girlfriend”. But it would be quite strange that someone with over 7 million followers, from which at least 4 million are girls, would not have a girlfriend.


Again, he is trying to stay as private as possible. From what we were able to gather, he is half English.

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