tiktok not working? quick and easy fix!

TikTok not working? Is TikTok down today? How to FIX THIS ✅

Suppose you are currently experiencing issues with the TikTok app, which is not working. There is a 99% chance that the issue is with your device. Yes, server outages happen. But they have not happened for a very long time for the TikTok app. And they will probably happen in the future since it is becoming one of the most used social media apps of today.

tiktok not working? Usaully, thereason the tiktok app does not work is an issue with your device

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Clear your TikTok app cache

If you have tried to launch your TikTok app and it stopped working, or it is simply not working properly. There could be an issue with the corrupted cache. The fix is quite easy and very fast.

  1. Open settings
  2. Go to apps
  3. Search for “TikTok”
  4. Tap on the “Storage & cache” button
  5. Now tap on the “Clear cache” button
  6. After that, perform one last step, tap on the “Force stop” button to close TikTok

Launch the TikTok app, and now it should work if your issues continue. Please keep reading this article and try another possible fix for this problem.

Check your memory

This happens both on android phones but as well on iPhone. If you do not have sufficient free space on your smartphone, your phone and apps usually do not work correctly. So please check how much storage you got left. If it is less than 10%, you might want to free up some space on your smartphone after creating more free space on your device. Kill the TikTok app and re-launch it. 

If the problem is still persisting, try another fix below.

Do you have a problem with the tiktok app? try one of the following fixes:

Restart your smartphone

If you are in a hurry and the previous two fixes, have not helped. Try to restart your device. This usually helps a lot since some software bugs or overheated or overused CPU can take a break since all processes will be killed, especially if you have not done this. This process can take just a minute or two.

Alternatively, if you have a bit more time, you can power off your device and then switch it on. It takes a bit more time than restarting your phone, but it works a lot better. Before you can open your TikTok app again, the estimated time is 3-5 minutes, depending on what kind of device you have.

Is your TikTok app up to date?

This might sound funny to most of you. But this is a very common issue. Many users do not have automatic updates on their apps. Or they do, but only on wifi. 

If you are an android user, click here and check out on google play if you are using the latest version of TikTok.

If you are using the iOS device, click here and check on iTunes if your version is up to date!

If not, update your up and launch TikTok after upgrading to the latest version and check out if the not working issue is still ongoing. If yes, keep trying other solutions from this article.

Is your network working properly?

This might sound trivial as well. But have you tried to open your internet browser and check if your internet connection is working properly? If not, try it.

Alternatively, you can switch your mobile phone to airplane mode. And turn it off after few seconds and then connect back to your data plan or wifi. 

After that, relaunch your TikTok app and if this has not solved your issue, try another tip to fix this.

Reinstall the TikTok app

Unfortunately, there is no easy way how to reinstall any app on iPhone or Android phone. But the process is not that complicated. Uninstall the TikTok app from your smartphone. And afterward, install TikTok again, either from iTunes or from Google Play, depending on your device.

Before you attempt to do this, make sure that you remember your login details. If not save, them somewhere. After you are finished with this process, launch the TikTok app, log in to your account, and the app should be working now without any issues.

Hopefully, one of these fixes has helped you switch TikTok from not working to running smoothly like always. Usually, the TikTok app is very smooth, even on a slower internet connection. But from time to time, it may not work as well. But if you try all of these fixes, you should have no issues anymore.

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