How to get face morph effect on tiktok

How to Morph on TikTok 2022 Guide ✅

Another very popular effect on TikTok that you might never hear of is Morph. Morphing has become very popular, especially at the beginning of this year.

What is the TikTok Face Morph filter?

Thanks to very sophisticated AI, which can easily create a transition between photos that contain someneoš face.

One of the most viral videos from TikTok is using this effect. When you learn how to use this effect, you can easily create stunning videos, like this one:


People tend to be quite surprised 😂 #morph #whatithought #tiktoker #amazonbox #foryou #foryoupage #4u #fyp

♬ unexpected me – Spencer Aitken

Awesome video, right?

How to get a morph filter on TikTok

Finding this particular filter is quite challenging. This video tutorial should help you find Morph on TikTok.

You can use face morph for 60s video and 15s video.

Last thoughts

Some users have contacted us, that they are not able to found this filter. Usually, it is due to an old, un-updated app. Or it happens to users who are using the iPhone 5 or phones like Samsung Galaxy A4, which do not support the latest version of the TikTok app.

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