Tiktok zero followers glitch - quick and easy fix!

TikTok 0 followers Glitch – How to fix this bug ✅ 2022 Guide

If you have opened your TikTok profile and it showed you that you currently have 0 followers. But you had more followers before, do not lose your mind, please. This is a common bug and TikTok that happens randomly from time to time. But do not worry. You have not lost your followers. Or at least in most cases, you have not lost your followers.

why does my tiktok say i have 0 followers?

This glitch happens both on iPhones and Android phones as well. If you log in to your account and go to your profile, your followers may have disagreed. But don’t worry, you are not the first one and definitely not the last user of TikTok that has experienced this. 

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A similar glitch had happened last year. Back then, comments and views were disappearing randomly from TikTok user’s posts. And we did not track any common factor between these accounts. And this year, the same glitch is happening, only it affects follower count.

Here is the official statement from the TikTok support team:

How to fix 0 followers glitch on TikTok

As you can see, this issue is from TikTok’s end and not yours. If this has happened to you and it is still not fixed. Just wait a couple of hours, and it should be fixed by them. 

Unfortunately, if this issue is persisting for you, there could be potentially something wrong with your account. In some rare cases, this happens to banned users.

If you think you might have been banned, try to post a new post if it gets 0 views, 0 likes, and 0 comments in the next 24 hours. Try to make another post, and if again, after 24 hours, it has zero interaction, you might be banned. But please make sure that the video is HQ and that you have used at least 32 related hashtags.

Suppose both of these videos have contained hashtags and received zero interactions in the last 24 hours. You might want to ask a friend to search for your profile. If they cannot find you, you have been most probably shadowbanned.

You can try to contact the TikTok support team to unban you. But the chance of you getting unbanned on TikTok is very slim to none.

And obviously some people started using this glitch to gain followers on other platforms:

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