why are people putting numbers on their snapchat stories?

Why are people putting numbers on their Snapchat stories – DEBUNKED

Posting numbers on Snapchat has several explanations. We have collected all of them. Try to read each one, and after our explanation, you will be able to understand why the numbers were used on the particular snap.

Why are guys putting numbers on their Snapchat status?

This is one of the most entertaining ones. Guys have started posting numbers on their Snap status after girls started playing the relationship status game. 

why are people putting numbers on snapchat? If the story was posted by a guy, it was just to confuse girls with number 10.5 and 11 mostly

So guys started changing their status to their shoe size in the US or in UK sizes, not in EUR sizes which are almost four times the amount of US/UK size. Just for the heck of it, to confuse females. They have tried to decode the meaning, but most of them have failed. The most common number was 10.5 and 11 btw.

How this trend started?

Girls have started playing the fruit stories trend where they were posting photos of fruit, which should reveal their relationship status. And they have not explained to any guy what the meaning of it was. It got so bad, that the guys started a new trend just for guys. To get their revenge back on girls. And it has worked.

22 and 44 posts

posting numbers on snapchat stories explained meaning of number 22 and 44

Suppose you have seen snaps with numbers 22 and 44. It meant something similar to the fruit game that we have mentioned before. Number 22 stand for being single, and 44 have meant that you had a crush on someone.

Last thoughts

This was a pretty big trend a few years ago. You can still come across one of these even these days. But the peak of this trend was two or three years ago. But it was quite fun. If you have never participated, you should post it now. Just to confuse your friends, it is fun. 

Even though it is an old trend, most people have never figured out the meaning! Have fun!

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