what does other snapchatters mean on snapchat

What does other Snapchatters mean on Snapchat 2022 Guide

Have you been paying attention to who is viewing your snaps? If you did, you might have seen “Other Snappchatters”. What does that mean? Let’s get into it.

Unfortunately, Snapchat does not specify this term anywhere on their support website. But we have figured out what it means.

There are three main explanations for what other snapchatters mean. Unfortunately, we cannot pin it to one.

Other snapchatters explanations

Snapchatters that you have not added yet

If someone adds you on Snapchat and you have not done the same for them. They will show up in your story analytics as “Other Snapchatters”.

All the other users who you have previously added and viewed your story will be in the normal story viewers category.

This is the only thing, that has been confirmed by the Snapchat support team back in 2017. Unfortunately, this is not the only explanation why your story has been viewed by other snapchatters. There are two more reasons why you have other viewers than normal viewers of your stories. But it is the most common one. So we cannot blame the snap team for tweeting this, since it explains 95% of other snap chatter views.

You have been removed as a friend

If you have been removed from their friend list and they have previously viewed your story. Snapchat will automatically move these viewers from normal to other snapchatters. Even though at the time, when they have viewed your story, they have viewed it as your friend (normal story view).

You have been blocked

Suppose you think that the first two reasons might not be it. The last possible option is that you have been blocked on Snapchat by that users. If that happens, all the normal story views will be now changed to “Other Snapchatters”. Because that person has blocked you, and you cannot see it has or has not interacted with your story.

Last thoughts

All of these theories have been tested, and a few more. But only these three actually make sense and “work” as described. 

If you have a personal account, you can actually figure out who might be that “other snapchatter”. But if you have a lot of followers, you might not be able to figure that out. 

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