snapchat for android tablets & ipads: How to install Snapchat on unsupported devices!

How to install Snapchat on Android tablets and iPad ✅ 2022 Guide

Snapchat has over 265 million users, even though they do not directly support android tablets and iPads. But don’t worry. We have figured out a way how to install Snapchat on your Android tablet. It is a bit more complicated process than installing the Snapchat app straight from Google Play Store or iTunes. But with our guide, you can install the Snapchat app on your tablet in less than five minutes.

can you use snapchat on a tablet? The short answer is yes, you can.

Because if you try to install Snapchat from Google Play on your android tablet (Nexus 7 or Samsung Galaxy tablet or any other tablet for that matter). You will receive the following message: “Your device isn’t compatible with this version.”

And the same goes for iPad users, and if you try to install it from iTunes, you will receive a similar error.

How to get Snapchat for Android tablets

This is an unknown method to many users, but there are other ways to download and install apps then download them from Google Play. But to tell the truth, it is not as safe as installing them straight from Play Store. So make an educated decision, if you want to take the risk or not. But if you don’t want to follow this method, there is no other way to download Snapchat on your tablet. If you are ok with it, here is how:

  1. Go to “Settings”
    how to install snapchat for android tablet step 1
  2. Scroll down in settings to “Security”
    how to install snapchat for android tablet step 2
  3. Tap on “Security”
    how to install snapchat for android tablet step 3
  4. Scroll down till you see “Device Administration”
  5. Enable installations from “Unknown sources” by clicking the checkmark next to Uknown sources
  6. Click here to download the Snapchat app
    how to install snapchat for android tablet step 6
  7. When downloading, it will ask if you truly want to download the app because it could harm your device. If you want to use Snapchat on your tablet, tap on the “OK” button
  8. Wait till the download is complete and tap on the downloaded file to install
  9. If you get asked if you want to use this third-party app, tap on “OK” to continue. If not, skip this step
  10. Tap on “Install”
  11. Wait till the installation is complete and tap on “Open” to start your Snapchat app on your tablet for the first time!

Congratulations, you can finally use Snapchat on your android tablet. If you have received some kind of error during installation, you might want to download an older version of Snapchat from Apkpure, especially if your android tablet is a few years old, since the link was to the latest version of the ghost app.

How to use Snapchat on iPad

can you use snapchat on ipad? If you try to install it with our guide, you just might be able to use it
  1. Click here to download and install Snapchat from iTunes
  2. If you receive an error that your device is not compatible, you are out of luck. If not, Snapchat will be installed soon on your iPad

For some strange reason, some users report that they were able to install Snapchat on their iPad. But for most people, it does not work.

Suppose you are one of those people who wasn’t able to install it from iTunes. Your only other chance is to jailbreak the iPad. Which could potentially damage or even break your device. And if your iPad is still in warranty, you will lose your warranty. And truth to be told, it is a very complicated process, so we do not recommend you to do it. This is just to inform you what your options are.

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