what does it mean if your receive message "user not found" on instagram

User not found Instagram ✅ Explained 2022 Guide

if you have ever seen a user not found on the Instagram app, it might be very frustrating. But it can happen to you even in the internet browser. There are few possible explanations why this is showing up instead of the user’s profile.

Explanations why the user wasn’t found on Instagram

Here are all possible explanations why you have seen this message on IG:

instagram user not found message on IG app

New username

The first possibility is that the user has changed their username. For some weird reason, Instagram does not redirect you to the new IG username. But it actually might be due to privacy reasons if someone is harassing someone, so you can change your username and get away from that person.

Ban/Deleted account or deactivated account


This message also shows if the user of which you have tried to open their profile is banned by Instagram, in that case, this username won’t be reusable in the future, and you will not find this page ever again.


The same goes for if the account was deleted. If you delete your Instagram account, you confirm that you also want all your posts deleted. So even if the user signs up again on Instagram, that profile page won’t ever be recovered.


And the last possible option is that he or she deactivated his or her account. In that case, there is always a good chance that that user just took a break from social media or maybe only from IG. So there is hope yet that if you wait some time, next time you won’t see the message “Instagram user not found,” but it will actually load his or her account.

Did you make a typo?

Have you double-checked if the username is correct? This can happen quite quickly. Since nowadays, most Instagram accounts have quite long usernames with numbers, and special characters since all short usernames are already taken since the IG app has over 1,074.3 million users.

Could that person block you?

If you are using your mobile phone, open your internet browser and open Instagram in the incognito tab, and search for that user on your computer. You might have been blocked if that is the case. Suppose you go to instagram.com/HISorHERusername, and the profile loads. That person has blocked you!

Alternatively, if you are on a desktop, either log out from your Instagram account or open an internet browser in incognito mode and search for that account.

Last thoughts

As you can see, there are several reasons why you can see this message on IG. Unfortunately, if you cannot talk to that person, you probably won’t find out why you have seen this message. You can only think why did it happen.

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