does instagram notify when you screenshot a story?

Does Instagram Notify when you Screenshot a Story? 2022 Guide ✅

In some situations, Instagram does notify you when someone screenshots your story. But notification might be too strong of a word. But if you look at the message that was deleted, once you cannot see it. You should see an icon similar to the screenshot below:

But first, we should take a look at when you can screenshot without notification

Normal DMs

Normal DMs and even group messages are sent across Instagram. If any of these communications have been screenshotted on iPhone or Android phone and the users won’t be notified about the screenshot.

If you send photo or video DM with “ALLOW REPLAY” option, you will be notified, if the receiver of that DM have screenshotted your photo or video.


Even if you screenshot story or story of close friends only, the sender won’t be notified that you have screenshotted his story.

Also, you can screenshot these without notifications of screenshot

  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Likes

There are also ways how you can get away with a screenshot without notification to the sender of that photo. If you are interested in that, stick till the end of this article.

How to avoid Instagram screenshot notification

If you want to see a photo or video in Instagram DM, Story, or any kind of message, here are few ways how to do it

Airplane mode

  1. Turn your iPhone or Android phone to AirPlane mode
  2. After AirPlane mode is on, open the Instagram app
  3. Then Open the Story, Message, or Photo in DMs
  4. Take a screenshot
  5. Before turning “AirPlane” mode, end the Instagram process. If you want to be safe, rather logout from your profile while you are still offline and end the Instagram process afterward (If you are an android user, clear app data as well)
  6. Turn the “AirPlane” mode off
  7. Launch the Instagram app, start wifi or connect to mobile data

Congratulations, you now have a screenshot of a story or any kind of DM without them receiving notification.

Desktop method

  1. If you are using Mac or Windows computer, you can take advantage of that, and instead of using your Instagram app, open your Instagram account in your internet browser.
  2. Go to your “Direct Messages” or open a “Story”
  3. Take a screenshot before the DM or Story disappears

And that is it. Instagram is not reporting screenshots from a web browser.

Use another phone or camera

If you are in a hurry, you can simply take a photo of it using another device. Yes, it is not perfect, and the quality won’t be that good. But how many times have you took a photo of your monitor instead of screenshotting it.

Last thoughts

Suppose you feel that Instagram is not taking enough measures to ensure your online privacy. You might have to think about what content and how much of it, and who you are sending because there is nothing else that you can set on Instagram. Unless you are not using a private profile, in that case, you should switch to a private profile, but that won’t mean that you will receive more notifications about screenshots, etc. Just fewer people will have less access to your content.

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