How to fix.why can't i follow people on instagram

How to Fix: Why can’t I follow people on Instagram ✅ 2022

Following people on Instagram is the third most popular feature of the app. It can be very frustrating if you cannot follow more people on Instagram.

Sometimes your account might experience follow block. If that is the case, you won!t be able to follow more Instagram users.

Instagram Follow Blocks

i can t follow anyone on instagram, keep reading the article to find out how to fix this issuue

You might experience follow block alone or all activities blocked on Instagram. This might have happened due to too many comments, posts, followings, or likes, even if you think you have not done too many comments or likes. But if you have done several actions in a short period of time, it can trigger a temporary block. Especially if you are using multiple accounts with the same website, changing IPs too often.

Also, this can be triggered by

  • VPN
  • Proxy

How to fix Instagram actin blocked error?

There are few different reasons why you might not be able to follow more people on Instagram. Depending on your issue, there are few possible fixes.

Rest of follow block reasons

Follower limit

There is a 7500 follower limit on Instagram. If you are not sure how many you follow, go to your profile and check out how many people you are following. Suppose you are following precisely 7 500 users. You will have to unfollow a few of these users to follow different Instagram pages.

Daily limit

There are many different websites, and especially forums, where you can read something like this “daily follow limit for a brand new account, is 500 follows per day“, which is absolutely “insane” with the brand new account. I would not recommend following more than 15 people in the first hour and no more than 40 users per the next few days.

You can use bit higher limits for an older account, but don’t even try to follow one-half of 500 people. You could lose your account if you do that.

If you have followed block got by reaching the daily limit, wait till the next day. Sometimes, if you have a new account, it can be just a few hour blocks, but even then, don’t try to push the limit.

Too many actions

If you have received blocked on all actions on Instagram, there are not that many things that you can do.

You would have to wait till you can use your actions on Instagram again. It can take from few hours to one day. 

From now on, keep in mind that you should do at tops around 200 actions per day in total. And no more ten same actions in one hour. If you do 19 likes and once comment about changing it up, that won’t make much difference. If you keep pushing your account limits, you might get blocked permanently, aka banned, and lose all your followers and all the content.

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