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How Many People can you Unfollow on Instagram? 2022 Guide

If you have been using Instagram for a while, you might not even see your friends and favorite influencers in your stories or in the main feed in posts. Why? Well, you are probably following too many people. Heck, you might even reach the limit of 7 500 followings. If you think you need to reduce the number of people that you follow on IG, you can do it pretty easily. It will take some time since you cannot do this in bulk, but it is definitely easy.

The only thing that you have to be worried about is the amount of unfollows that you do. Because if you do too many, you can get blocked for few hours with all account activities. But it can be worse, and you might even lose your account.

How many people can I unfollow on instagram? Can i unfollow 200 people per day? Well, that might not be such a great idea...

But losing an account for unfollowing is very rare. But it does happen! Be careful. The older your account is, the general rule is you can do more actions on Instagram and similar rules to apply to followers. If you have over 10 000 followers, you can get away with a lot more activities than accounts with 200 followers, for example.

Instagram unfollow limit explained

Depending on the age of your account and the number of followers you have, you will have your own unfollow limit. To find out how many that might be, keep reading this article.

If your account is brand new (or less than a week old), we do not suggest you unfollow more than 50 people per day. If you have been following some users that day, you might even do less than 50 unfollows, just to be on the safe side.

If your account is 2 to 8 weeks old, you can probably get away with around 70-80 unfollows per day in your IG app. But we highly recommend you to do that in batches of8-18 unfollows per batch. Don’t ever do more than 20 unfollows per hour if you are going to do more unfollowing that day.

If your account is less than one year old, and you do not have too many followers. Don’t unfollow more than 110 people per day, and don’t do more than 25 unfollows per hour.

If your account is less than one year old and you have a decent following, you could probably get away with 125 unfollows per day, but the hourly limit should still be under 30.

If your account is one year old or older, you can probably get with a lot more, and the safe limit is 150 unfollows per day. But many users report that they can get away with circa 200 unfollows per day.

If you are also following on the same day, you should probably decrease the number of unfollows.

What happens if you do too many unfollows per day?

Well, you can receive a temporary block on all your activities for the next 24-72 hours. But if your account is fairly new or has been doing many other activities like commenting, liking, and following, you could possibly get banned.

What else can get you banned?

If you are using a proxy or VPN service, you should do a lot fewer actions than if you have been using your own IP address. 

Also, if you have more than five accounts on one device or on the same IP, you could get banned just for a very few actions per day.. So if you are using multiple accounts, you should be unfollowing users on IG very slowly.

Also, if you have been using instead of the app some kind of automation tool, your limit should be lower than mentioned above. Since most of these tools have some kind of footprint, and usually with them, you need to use a proxy or VPN. And if you do not know, the service is probably using some IP change (proxy or VPN) because otherwise, all of the accounts on the automation tool or service would get banned.

Last thoughts

If you don’t want to risk your account, it is probably best to use the lower unfollow limit specified in this article. Also, keep in mind that Instagram is changing its algorithm very frequently. So unfollowing too many people at once might in the future trigger an instant ban.

Also, you should keep in mind that if you follow up to 7 500 people, and then you unfollow them. To follow more people to reach more followers (aka follow for follow method), your account will get less exposure. In the early days, follo4follow was a very good method, but now in 2021, it is a very outdated method, and Instagram has ways how to automatically flag these kinds of accounts.

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