how many people can you follow on instagram? Explained & tested

How many people can you follow on Instagram? SOLVED ✅

It does not matter if it is likes, comments, or followers. Instagram is just a numbers game. The more, the better. But sometimes, doing too much on Instagram can get you in trouble. You might probably know that that is why you have asked yourself how many follows you can do per day?

Well, per day, it is probably not the best metric. To be more specific, it is a good metric, but you should also be aware of the following limit per hour. Because on some accounts, you can get away with almost 200 follows per day. But if you have tried to do that in one hour. You might get banned from IG, and by the ban, we do not mean temporary block. You could lose your account.

So what is the Instagram follow limit?

That depends on several factors. Your IP, the age of your account, and how many followers you have. 

Just a side note, even if you have 100 000 followers on Instagram, you could get banned if you do too many actions. And even on a 100k account, we do not suggest you reach over 200 follows per day. 


Age is probably one of the main factors, which will set your follow limit. Yes, there are other factors involved. But if you are a regular user of Instagram, this is the most important factor for you. Which will set your follow limit. If you do not remember how old is your account, it is not that important to be precise by day. You should know +- how old your account is or when you have posted your first post. Alternatively, you can check your email address, when you have received a verification email.

HOw old is
your account?1-3 months old 
accounts,Can do around
75-115 folows
per day

1-30 day old accounts

We truly do not recommend following more than 50 people per day (n more than 15 per hour) for the first two weeks. After that, you can slowly increase the following, like 10-20% per week.

1-3 months old accounts

If your account is less than 1-3 months old, you could technically follow somewhere between 75 to 115 users per day. If your account is closer to 1 month, stay safe and use 75 follows per day and slowly increase the number of follows per day(circa 15-20 per hour). 

1-6 months old accounts

On accounts less than six months, you could easily follow 140-150 profiles per day. And around 20-30 per hour.

On accounts less than 12 months old, you could follow a little over 150 follows per day, but if you have never followed that many users per day, you should probably start with 140 or 150 follows per day and slowly increase from that point. But we never suggest following more than 175 users per day.

One year or older

In the IG community, these are called aged accounts. Suppose you have an active one-year-old or older account. You can follow at least 175 people per day, with an hour limit of around 30 follows per hour. You can slowly increase the number of follows per day, but if you want to follow more than 200 people, you risk losing your account or temporary block.

Keep in mind, if you are also doing more than ten unfollows per day, you might want to decrease your follow limit per day. If you are spamming and spamming, we do not mean that you post often, but if you truly spam, you should decrease your limits to be on the safe side. Otherwise, you might lose your account.


If you are using your IP and you are not using more than five accounts. You can easily choose your limit by the age of your account from the guide above.

But if you are using VPN or PROXY service, there is a good chance that you need to use a lower follow limit. Why? Well, Instagram is one of the largest social media apps in the world. And they do not want fake users on their platform, and having a proxy or VPN is definitely a red flag for them.

Number of followers

What is your follower count?

The more followers you have the better for you and for your follow limit per day. But don’t just buy fake followers, that won’t help.

Suppose you have a legit fanbase that is liking and commenting on your content or interacting with your stories. You could probably follow more people per hour/day than other accounts your “age”. But this will be just a slight increase. 

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Other things to keep in mind

If you are doing follows and unfollows on the same day, you should decrease your limit per day. Also, if you are commenting or DMing users too often, you might receive an action block for 24 to 72 hours. So it is best t use lower limits if you are doing more activities than one.

It is natural to do several follows few comments, some DMs, and maybe a post or a few stories. But if you also include unfollows and from few comments, you do several. You are truly risking. Sometimes it is better to do fewer actions per day than more.

Can you follow more people than 200 per day?

Yes and no. Some accounts are definitely powerful, old enough that can get away with a number like this. But that does not make it safe. You can do it once, maybe twice, and on the third day, you could lose your account. Do you want to take that risk?

Follow for Follow

You might have googled this because you are using follow for follow method on Instagram. This is no longer a good method.

Will this grow your audience?

Yes, it will definitely help you build a bigger following on your account. But you will lose Instagram’s reach since they do not want you to do this. 

This was a great method back in 2015 and 2016, but nowadays, if you do this, you are risking. There is a good chance that your account will receive a “red flag,” and your organic reach will be decreased, which in our opinion, is important than the number of followers that you have.

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