how to delete target account

How to Delete Target Account 2022 Guide

Have you found yourself in a situation that you need to delete your target account? If yes, we have good and bad news for you.

You cannot simply delete your target account within your profile on

But you can, however, delete your profile via email. It would take few more days than if you could delete it in your dashboard. But usually, within one week, you receive a reply from the target support team that your account was successfully erased. Here is how:

How to delete Target Account

Email method

  1. Open your email address under which you have signed up on
  2. Copy subject: “I want to request account deletion”
  3. Copy following email template: “Hello Target support team, I would like to ask you with this email if you could delete my account on I have signed up under “input your name” and “write here your phone number email.”
  4. Send this email to “”

Phone call method

  1. Call +1.800.440.0680 on your iPhone or Android phone
  2. Tell them that you would like to request them to delete your account
  3. In most cases, you would have to verify few details about your account, and this process can take 1-3 minutes once you are connected to your support agent

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