How to delete shein account iin less than a minute!

How to delete Shein Account ✅ 2022 Guide

Unfortunately, Shein does not let users delete their account by themself in Shein settings like many other platforms like Discord and many others. But do not lose your hopes yet. There is a way how you can erase your account. It only takes about one to five minutes to complete.

Before you request erasing your account, you may think about if you want to back up something from your account. Because if they erase your account, you will no longer be able to log back in, and there is no way to recover your data.

So before you proceed with our guide, make sure if you want to save your orders. Check out if you have a balance in your account.

How to Delete your Shein account

  1. Open your email address, under which you have signed up on Shein
  2. Copy this subject line: “Shein Account Delete Request” and paste it into a subject line
    how to delete a shein account step 2
  3. Copy this email: “” and paste it to recipients. Also, send this email as a copy to these addresses: “” and “”
    how to delete a shein account step 3
  4. Copy the email template below this tutorial, paste it to your email body, and exchange highlighted parts for your own details, and click on “Send”
    how to delete a shein account step 4

With in a week or so, you should receive a reply from their support team, either they will delete your account or they could ask for more details to verify ownership of your account.

Email Template:

Dear Shein Support Team,

I would like to request my account on Shein to get erased. I no longer want this account. I have signed up under email “your email address,” from which I am sending this email as well. Suppose you need any more details from my end to confirm that it is my account and that I would like to delete it. Please email me back.

Please send an email confirmation when you delete my account on Shein.

Best Regards

Your Name

If your account is not deleted within a week and you receive no reply, you can try to contact Shein via Facebook.

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