How to delete pornhub account in less than a minute

How to Delete PornHub account in less than a minute ✅ [2022 Tutorial]

There are two ways to delete a pornhub account, but please don’t confuse it with canceling a premium membership! The fastest way is via email. We have prepared a copy and paste template for you. But you can also do it in a browser on your mobile phone or even a computer.

If you decide to remove your account via browser, your account will be erased within the same day by their support team. But the process is a tiny bit longer than copy and pastes the email template.

If you decide to send them an email, usually, they will delete your account within a few days. Most of our readers report that their account on pornhub was erased after 3-4 days on average.

Delete Pornhub on PC/Mobile in 8 clicks!

  1. Open your main internet browser.
  2. Go to pornhub
  3. Log in to your account (if you are logged in, skip this step)
  4. Click on your profile account (on pc, it is in the upper right corner)
  5. From the dropdown menu, go to settings.
  6. Now go to delete the account tab under the toolbar.
  7. Verify captcha (prove that you are not a robot)[in some countries, this is not a mandatory step, so if you don’t see: “I am not a robot,.” Skip this step]
  8. Click on the “Delete your Free Account” button

Congratulations, if you have completed all eight steps, your account is finally removed!

Are you unsure how to do this? Open the gallery below. There is step by step screenshot tutorial!

Erase your Pornhub account via email request

Suppose you want to waste your time figuring out how you can get rid of your account in a browser and just send an email. Copy the email template we have prepared for you.

First things first, you will need to send your email to this email address:

Email template

Dear Pornhub team,

I would like to ask you with this email to erase my account from your database. I have signed up under this email (“input your email here”) from which I am sending this email as well. And my username is “input your username.” If you need any following information from my end, please email me back.

If you could send me an email confirmation that my account on pornhub was successfully deleted, that would be awesome; thank you.

Have a nice day.

Does it work?

So far this email template has 100% success rate.

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