Have you ever received recurring payments for services that you are no longer using? The same thing has happened to me over and over again. Sometimes I was paying months and months without knowing about it. But this has to stop now. I know that I am not on this boat alone! Every week there will be a new tutorial on how to get rid of an account on social media sites, dating sites, etc. If the tutorial is still missing for the website or app from which you are trying to remove your profile, don’t hesitate and send me an email. I’ll try to write it asap.

Don’t repeat my mistakes, and if you leave a platform, delete your account. I did not do that in the past, and a few months after I have stopped using a certain dating app, their database got hacked and my personal info with it! Stay safe online with my tutorials!

How to delete OfferUp account permanently

How to delete OfferUp account or just Deactivate it in 2021 ✅

Are you tired of OfferUp? If yes, I will show you how you can close your account with them quickly in this article, unfortunately for those who like your privacy. Suppose you want to delete your account all the data in the account itself. There is a bit longer tutorial for that. Because OfferUp will …

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