How to delete OfferUp account permanently

How to delete OfferUp account or just Deactivate it in 2022 ✅

Are you tired of OfferUp? If yes, I will show you how you can close your account with them quickly in this article, unfortunately for those who like your privacy. Suppose you want to delete your account all the data in the account itself. There is a bit longer tutorial for that. Because OfferUp will let you only deactivate your account, which you can activate any time you want it back. Which are a shady tactic, and I don’t particularly like. If the user wants to delete their account, they should be. And you are, only you have to try a bit harder. But no worries, I’ve prepared for you a simple copy and paste email, which you can use to remove your account permanently!

First, I will write up how you can deactivate your account since it is faster.

Deleting vs deactivating. Only deleting your account via email will also erase all the data within that account.

Deactivating OfferUp Account in 7 simple steps

  1. Open your main internet browser.
  2. Go to this URL:
  3. Log In.
  4. Please choose a reason for leaving their site.
  5. Click on the “Deactivate My Account” button.
  6. Click on “Yes, I’m sure.”
  7. Now click on the “Done” button.

How to Delete OfferUp account via email

This is a bit longer process, but I have written a copy and paste email template to make it easier for you. You only have to add your name and email to this template. But this method has some perks, which the first one does not have. Not only, that they will have to remove your account from their database. They will also send you a confirmation email that your account has been successfully erased, which is always good to save that kind of email. Ok, so here is what you need to do:

  1. Open your email, via which you have signed up.
  2. Send an email to this adress:
  3. Copy this as email subject: “Account Delete Request”
  4. Copy and paste this email(add your name and email to it): Hello OfferUp support team, with this email, I would like to ask you to remove my account from your platform, signed up via this email: [insert your email here], from which I am writing to you. I know that I can deactivate my account on your website, but I would like you to erase my account with all the data for privacy reasons. Thank you very much for your assistance. And please reply to me with a confirmation email that my account has been removed. Thank you, “insert your name here.”
  5. Wait till you receive a confirmation email from them. Once you receive it, your account has been successfully deleted from OfferUp, congratulations.

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