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How to delete a Gamekit account [Year] Guide

How can users delete a Gamekit account? Gamekit is a website that started in 2013, with the main goal: connecting gamers with brands that desire to encounter new viewers. This web-based platform is only found in 33 countries. You may ask yourself: how do they fulfill their goal? Gamekit allows users to earn points, to get points as a reward for playing different games. Plus, clients can also gain points by doing other tasks such as quests. With those points, they are able to exchange them for items like skins, games, and much more. It is an interesting way where both gamers and brands get benefitted. In this article, you will be taught how to delete a Gamekit account.

Different Gamekit users have found themselves navigating the internet to know how to delete their account, and today they have found the website they were looking for. To complete such an important process as deleting an account, the work might be a little harder than expected. The majority of the time, this is done by platforms to avoid confusions or accidents in which the accounts are wrongfully deleted. The last thing that they want is that users delete their accounts without knowing or without wanting to do so. This platform is loved by thousands of gamers around the world since it helps them grow with great games and rewards. 

When deciding to delete your account, make sure that you take into consideration that it might be very difficult or impossible to create another account. So do not make any rushed decisions here! Also, the best way to do so is to do it from a computer, and it is clearer and easier to delete your account. Gaming websites are recommended to be used from a computer, not a phone or tablet.

The players can do things like upload and change their picture, choose between a large number of games, look for the one they want, change their usernames, the email they wanna use, the different ways to redeem points, add games to favorites, rate games, and more. They have spent $8 240 767 in rewards, with 21 034 087 total users and 50 125 198 monthly page views. 

However, there are reasons why some people want to delete their Gamekit account. For instance, a common reason is the excess of emails received. Usually, companies that have the emails of their clients try to offer the best they have via email to keep them engaged and interested. They send promotions and newsletters. They can fill up the email of someone who is not used to this amount of promotion, and it can cause discomfort. There are ways in which to cancel these emails, which can be found in the “help” tab of the site. Plus, at the end of the emails, in very tiny lettering, there is a sign that says “unsubscribe,” and users can decide what they do not want to read anymore in their email box. Also, the emails can be discriminated against with “spam.” In Gmail, for example, when an email is opened, there are three vertical dots (“…”) on the right, and once those are clicked, there are several options. Sending the email to spam is one of them, or directly blocking the account to avoid receiving any type of emails in the future.

Another reason why users would like to delete their Gamekit account is that they might not be interested in gaming anymore, and they would like to get rid of their account as a permanent solution. Although the founder of Gamekit, the talented Bartek Jędrychowski, was able to quickly make his website one of the most popular among gamers, some people might have found other passions or ways to entertain themselves. Compared to how many people use the platform, it is a low rate of clients that decide to delete their accounts. If they want to learn how to do so, they could continue reading this article and do so without any issues. All of the instructions on how to delete a Gamekit account will be mentioned to make the readers the easiest path possible. This process could be quickly understood when taking a look at the information that is below. These steps were carefully selected by Gamekit, and they were able to use all of the trials & tribulations of their millions of users and try to solve them as soon as possible.

If you would like to delete your Gamekit account

Read the list below, and the problem will be solved

  1. Once you have successfully entered, log in (in “Account registration,” which is the first thing that appears) with your email address and password of the site or through Google, Facebook, or Steam accounts. 
  2. If you are dealing with difficulties, go straight to this link: and enter your email and password there.
  3. Now, the website will know which user they have to delete.
  4. After triumphantly logging in, enter the “FAQ” tab, which stands for frequently asked questions. 
  5. In this tab, you can also answer any other doubts you have about the site. 
  6. If you were not able to enter the “FAQ” tab, which is a main step for the process, go directly to, which will take you there if you click on the link/URL.
  7. At the left of the site, you will see an enormous “Help” sign and these signs below:



Games and tasks in games

Repeated tasks

Pts and exp

Awards and orders

About us


  • Make sure to click on the first category that appears, which is “account,” from where you will be able to see all of the frequently asked questions about an account. 
  • If you had any trouble in finding the “account” tab, just click this link: 
  • Once the “account” section is opened, you will see these questions after the title:

Why was my account suspended?

How can I unlock my account?

How can I delete my account?

Can I use Gamekit abroad?

Why do you ask for my phone number?

  • Next to each question, there is a small arrow that can show the answer to those questions, which are what most of the users deal with when they have a doubt about their account in Gamekit. 
  • However, to be able to delete your Gamekit account, you have to take an extra step. As Explained earlier, it is not super convenient for companies to have users be able to delete their account quickly and easily, so a sign that says “delete your account” most of the time (or never) will not appear at first sight.
  • So at the right, at the same level that the “help” sign is, you will see a small magnifying glass and a box that says “search” to its left.
  • CLICK on “search.”
  • Make sure to type in the search box, “How to delete my account,” this way, the platform can fastly search with its algorithm the best way that you can erase your Gamekit account. 

These questions will appear:

Why was my account suspended?

How can I unlock my account?

How can I delete my account?

Can I use Gamekit abroad?

Why do I have to enter my phone number and home address?

Why do you ask for my phone number?

  • If you carefully read them, the fourth question is the one you’re looking for: How can I delete my account?
  • On the right of the question, you’re gonna see a small grey arrow. Click it to see the answer.
  • This will appear: “If you wish to delete your account, simply log in and send us a ticket asking for account deletion. Please remember to tell us why you decided to leave us! Perhaps we can find a solution to your issue without you losing you ;).”
  • The answer might be a bit confusing, but do not panic! Right below the answer, there is a small sign that says: “Is the answer not sufficient? Contact us”. With the “contact us” in blue as a hyperlink.
  • Click on that “contact us.” 
  • If you have followed the steps up to now, you will not have to log in again. But if you forgot to log in, do it now! Sign in to Gamekit and get to the “contact us” step with this link: 
  • After being able to do all of the previous steps, you are going to encounter a form. Fill this form up, making sure there are no mistakes in the process. 
  • There will be a description box. Use this description box to briefly explain why you have decided to delete your account.
  • Click on the “submit” button.
  • It will take around three weekdays for the staff of Gamekit to analyze your situation and delete your account. It usually works very well. They will not have your private information, such as your password, so do not be afraid of doing this last step.

If it’s been three days since you followed the steps above: you no longer have a Gamekit account now! You have deleted it. Also, If you still receive emails after this process, then make sure to send Gamekit to your spam section. Delete the app from your computer if you downloaded it previously or any file that might have been downloaded to avoid having a slower computer due to having too many files.

Finally, if you want more information on what they know about you, make sure to read their terms of service, which can be accessed with this link

Warning: if you are not in the country in which you have created your Gamekit account, then you will not be able to log in. Gamekit has established a policy in which if the account is accessed from a different country than the one in which it was created, the account is locked. Most of the time, this is solved when you have finally logged in from your country of creation. SO: if you are abroad now, you cannot log in to delete your account successfully. 

If you ARE in your country and you still cannot enter Gamekit (and it is not a wifi/server/computer problem), then your account was probably suspended. This could be for having many accounts from the same IP/ from the same apparatus or device, so make sure to delete them and only have your principal account (your principal account is the one with the most prizes or the one who was created first). If you still cannot log in to Gamekit, make sure to contact them to find a solution. This can be done with the same “contact us” link that was mentioned earlier: You can also contact Gamekit from their social media such as Facebook.

All new accounts created from the device that you used to delete your Gamekit account will be suspended, so it is very hard to have another one. In addition, deleting your account will remove everything the site knows about you: personal settings and game history, so everything will be lost.

To conclude, many people do not know how to delete their Gamekit account. Now you are no longer one of them! You know how to delete it. Send this article to people who might be dealing with the same problem that you are, friends who do not know how to get rid of their Gamekit account. The more you share it, the more people will be satisfied and will achieve their goal sooner. 

Hopefully, this article helped you delete your Gamekit account!

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