How to delete DoorDash account permanently

How to Delete DoorDash Account Permanently in 2022 ✅

If you have asked your self how do I delete my DoorDash account for whatever reason, you have landed on an excellent article. Today I am going to show you how you can remove your account permanently. You can do this on your iPhone or Android smartphone, or if you prefer, you can do this on PC or Mac. Unfortunately, unlike most sites or apps, you can’t delete your account within the website. But don’t worry. I have prepared a step by step guide for you.

It will take only two minutes to get rid of your account. To more precise, it will take you two minutes to do this, but it will take 2-3 business days till they erase your profile from their servers.

Deactivating vs. Canceling vs. Deleting

Deactivating vs. Canceling vs. Deleting. What is the difference?

Most of the tutorials I have seen online are for deactivating, which seems like you got rid of your account. But it could not be further away from the truth. Your account still will be stored on their servers. And if you email them back that you would like to reactive your account, they will, and all your personal information will be stored there. Please don’t do that. Your data could be stolen at any point. If you want to do this, do it the right way and delete your account with my step by step guide.

What about canceling?

If you have a paid subscription, you will need to cancel that first. If you would like to erase your account, follow my tutorial after canceling the subscription.

Step by step guide to delete Doordash account in six steps:

  1. Open your main internet browser.
  2. Go to this URL:
  3. Click on the “Chat” button.
  4. Fill in all the fields as on this screenshot.
    how to delete doordash account
  5. Click on the “Start Chatting” button.
  6. Write the following message: “Hello, my name is **** ****, I have signed up on DoorDash via following email and this phone number +***yourphonenumber***. I would like you to delete my account from DoorDash. Please keep in mind that I am not interested in deactivating my account. Due to security reasons, I would like you to delete my account with all the personal information. If you need any more details from me, please ask. Also, I will by saving the transcript of this chat, and I am also screen-recording it. So please confirm that you are going to delete my account and not deactivate it. Thank you.”
What info d oyou need to delete DoorDash account: [Transcript from DoorDash chat] Got LDR: I would like to find out what I need to do to get my account deleted? Got LDR: what info I need to provide you and how to do it, thank you Got LDR: also please keep in mind, that I want account Deleted, not Deactivated DoorDash Support: Got LDR, I can completely understand your concern that you want to delete your DoorDash account. I'll request you to chat back with us once you have the e-mail address or phone number which is linked with your DoorDash account. So that we can check your account details and delete the account as per your request. Got LDR: ok, so I need to provide you only my email and phone number and contact you via this chat? DoorDash Support: Yes. DoorDash Support: You are correct.

Email method:

Log in to the email under which you have signed up on DoorDash

Write an email to this email address:

The subject of the email: Please Delete my DoorDash account

Write them an email in which you request them that you want your account to be deleted from their database with all your personal information.

Which email template works best?

Try this one:

Dear DoorDash Team,

I have signed up on your website under email from which I am sending this email. My phone number is +**********.

I know that I can deactivate my account via your online form. But due to security reasons, I would like to request you to remove my account from your database. IF you need any more information from my end, please email me back. Also, if you can, please send me a confirmation once the account is deleted.

Have a nice day.

Why I prefer the first method

Unfortunately, the email method does not work as well. Few readers have reported that their account did not get deleted within 30 days, and they did not receive a reply from DoorDash. But that does not matter. It does not work. It works, sometimes they forget about the email or w/e. For that reason, I prefer the live chat method. It has a 100% success rate.

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