How to delete a Chaturbate account in less tha a minute

How to delete a Chaturbate account [Year] Guide

Are you interested in deleting your Chaturbate account? You have found the article you were looking for. Many people want to delete their Chaturbate account, especially since in October 2020, it was determined to be the 65th most popular site and 5th most viewed when it comes to adult content. After reading the information below, you will be able to do it successfully.

Chaturbate launched in 2011 in California, and it works all around the world. It is an online platform for adults, and it mainly focuses on webcam usage. Different individual models or couples use their webcam to make performances. Most of the time, those are related to nudity and sexual entertainment. For instance, a typical show could be striptease or/and suggestive language to provoke the viewer, so it is very explicit content. You can choose to watch from what you desire. There are five main tabs: featured, women, men, couples, trans. There is also a “followed” tab for the user to decide what they prefer to watch and follow the people they like the most to see their content as soon as they can. The categories mentioned are free, but the viewer has to have an account; they have to pay. Plus, in the free content, the users cannot interact. 

Their main goal is in their name; it is for the receivers of the show to “chat” and “masturbate,” a witty way to promote and call the attention of the internet. To resemble real-life experiences, tips can be given to the performers, most commonly to ask for a specific act. The majority do it through credit cards. These are not taken by the model, but they are bought as tokens around $0.05 and can only be received when there are $50 earned or more. 40% of what the performers earn when they use this platform as revenue, which is invested in gaining even more popularity; they have around 4 million users per month. 

Moreover, with this internet sensation, you can create an account to navigate, tip, follow and chat. You can also broadcast yourself, upload the pictures you want and visit people’s profiles. Since you can create an account, you can also delete it, and this will be explained below. There is no charge to this: it is free.

Why would users delete their Chaturbate account? There are many reasons why someone might not want to have an account anymore. Firstly, as most sites do, especially if you are an active user, emails are sent. These contain promotions and newsletter emails that can be annoying. They create the opposite sensation than expected. They make the user less interested in the shows. When it comes to a platform where sexual content is explicit, numerous people do not want to risk other people seeing that they use it. For example, your wife/husband/partner might see an email notification about a private show you are interested in. In addition, many use it once to experience the website and find their attractions. Also, they can find themselves spending too much time or money, affecting their daily life.

Clearly, some users want to delete their accounts, and this will be explained in this article. The method is simple. There are two ways in which you can do so, through the website: 

Chaturbate – Free Adult Webcams, Live Sex, Free Sex Chat … 

or through an email. These two procedures will be explained, and you can choose the one that you find the easiest. 

To delete your Chaturbate account through the internet site:

  • First, go to
  • Make sure to log in with your username and password. As you enter the website, you will be able to see a blue bar with different signs in it, “Chat Rooms, Broadcast Yourself, Tags, Earn Free Tokens, Swag, Log in.” Click on the login.
  • If you do not remember the email you used, unfortunately, nothing can be done. You are going to have to create another account with another email. However, if you do not remember your password go to: and enter the email you used to create your Chaturbate account. Then, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
  • Once you successfully logged in, go to the bottom of the page.
  • You will see different tabs such as “Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Support, Feedback, Security Center, Law Enforcement, Billing, Delete Account, Apps, Contest, Affiliates, Buy Traffic Jobs, Sitemap.”
  • Click on “Delete Account”
  • If you were not able to do this, use one of these links or 
  • As you reach this point, there will be a big sign saying “delete account.” Click on that link/box, and the website will ask you to confirm this process. 
  • Finally, click on it to confirm.
  • You have permanently deleted your Chaturbate account.

Why do they ask you to confirm the process? Chaturbate, as many other big websites do, does not want its users to delete their accounts in one click. Even though the sign is easy to find, unlike other companies that make it much harder, the site asks the user to confirm if deleting is what they want to do. They ask you to confirm the process because they are not interested in losing you. Not only does the website lose value if many leave it, but it also loses views on their models, which could lead them to use another platform. There is another fact which is accidents. It is common that many users, especially the older ones, accidentally click on the wrong links. So if they do not have a confirm button, they might lose people that were not even interested in deleting their account.

There are hundreds of questions that can appear when using the website. There is a help center, which can be entered by going to the bottom of the page, where these titles appear: “Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Support, Feedback, Security Center, Law Enforcement, Billing, Delete Account, Apps, Contest, Affiliates, Buy Traffic Jobs, Sitemap.” Click on “Support,” and you will see this center, with answers to questions about Broadcaster Guide, Tokens & Memberships, Payouts, Affiliates, More Broadcasting Tips, FAQ. You can even “Submit a request,” which can be found at the left of the page right below “Home.” Here you can ask any question you have or give information about a specific issue. You can put your email address, a subject, a description of the situation, and even attach a file. To directly make a request, click on the link below.

If you have not found the “Support” tab, here is the link! 

Moreover, if you find yourself unable to delete your account or with questions that are not answered on the website, Chaturbate has social media accounts.

You can also chat with others who find themselves in a similar situation to yours!

As mentioned previously, there is another way to delete your Chaturbate account, which is not through the website.

To delete your Chaturbate account through email.

  • Another way to delete your account is by sending the company staff an email.
  • First, log in to the email you used for your account, which could be from whatever platform you use (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) 
  • Start a new email.
  • In the “To” section, enter the following email:
  • In the “Subject” section, type: DELETE MY ACCOUNT
  • In the email box, write that you want to delete your account and briefly explain why. 
  • Send the email
  • In a couple of days, the staff will contact you, and the account might be deleted.

The email can be found on the website’s support section

If you cannot delete your account using the steps above, make sure to contact support through the handful of ways you can, which could be through a request, an email, through Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. This process is usually quick and easy, so there should be no reason why they do not delete it.

What do you delete when you delete your account? You may be asking yourself, what is Chaturbate going to do with my information? It is normal to get super anxious and scared when websites have your information. Especially if you were a verified model. It is understandable to be very paranoid since they have private and explicit data. You are not alone. Many are terrified that their personal details are exposed in the future. Well, unfortunately, it is not very clear if they delete your data. However, do not panic! 

The information is probably not deleted because they need to keep your data for tax purposes since purchases are made when buying the tokens for the tips. This would require them to keep it for a long time, which is rumored to be 7 years. Nevertheless, take into consideration that the site is extremely big. There are millions of users and hundreds of thousands of models. Except that you find yourself interested in a political career or perhaps hoping to be a big online or public persona, it is extremely unlikely to have someone look at your information. Also, the other exception could be if you are doing something incredibly unique and with a lot of popularity. Still, it would be very unlikely that your information is used or hacked. Do not stress! Plus, when it comes to credit card information, if that is a worry, it has no chance of getting leaked since credit card companies ensure that the information is extremely secure. They do not want to lose clients!

Do you want to avoid emails but still keep your account? This is an easy problem to solve. Open the email from Chaturbate that you do not want to receive anymore. Go to the end of the email, where you will find a small sign that says “unsubscribe.” When you click on this word, you will stop receiving emails. If this does not work, make sure to mark it as spam, so the emails will appear on the spam tab but not on the principal one.

Why does “Deactivate Account” appear instead of “Delete Account”? Some people have found themselves fighting this issue. If you successfully logged in, went to the bottom of the page and saw different tabs such as “Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Support, Feedback, Security Center, Law Enforcement, Billing, Deactivate Account, Apps, Contest, Affiliates, Buy Traffic Jobs, Sitemap,” then click on “Deactivate Account.” Now, the same effect as deleting your account will be created. 

If you deleted it or deactivated it without wanting to, then make sure to email support as soon as possible so they can re-activate it or solve whatever issue you encountered.

Warning: make sure you do not want to create another account with the same email before deleting it because you will not be able to.

Last thoughts

In conclusion, many people do not know how to delete/deactivate their Chaturbate account. Now you are no longer one of them! You know how to delete/deactivate it through their website and through your email. Send this article to people who might be dealing with the same problem that you are, friends who do not know how to get rid of their Chaturbate account. The more you share it, the more people will be satisfied and will achieve their goal sooner. This article helped you delete or deactivate your Chaturbate account!

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