learn How to Cancel Pornhub Premium membership in less than a minute! The educational channel tutorial

How to Cancel Pornhub Premium in 5 clicks ✅ 2022 Guide

Have you signed up on Pornhub for the premium membership, and now you want to Cancel? If yes, you’ve landed on the perfect article. I’ve prepared for you step by step tutorial for all ways to get rid of your paid membership, even if you have opted for a free trial. This will work since I wrote a separate tutorial for removing subscription paid or verified Credit Card and Paypal.

Before I show you how to, please don’t get it confused. Deleting your account won’t cancel your premium membership plan. You have first to cancel the membership, and only after that, you can delete your account. If you want a tutorial for that, click here. Enough talking, let’s get you unsubscribed from Pornhub premium!

How to cancel pornhub premium membership

If you have verified or paid for your plan with Credit Card, follow the first tutorial. If you have done that with PayPal, scroll down till you see Paypal Tutorial. 

Btw: To don’t get charged with recurring payment, you need to unsubscribe from pornhub premium services ten days before the last day of your membership. If you don’t make it at that time, you will be automatically billed for next month. 

Tutorial for plan paid/verified via Credit Card

On desktop

  1. Open your main browser
  2. Go to pornhub.com
  3. Log in to your account
  4. Go to your profile page
  5. Go to “Information
  6. Go to “My Premium Subscription”
  7. Click on “Unsubscribe”

On Android&iPhone (iOS) app

  1. Open the Pornhub app
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Go to your profile page
  4. Go to “My Premium Subscription”
  5. Click on “Unsubscribe”

Once you have completed all the steps, you will receive a confirmation email that your membership plan is canceled. If I were you, I would save that email since I receive many emails daily from people who receive recurring payments from sites where they have canceled the paid membership. I am not saying that pornhub is not a trustworthy site. But after so many experiences with paid websites, it is better to stay safe rather than be sorry later.

Tutorial for plan paid/verified with PayPal

Have you paid your Pornhub premium with PayPal? Or did you just verified your account for a free trial with your PayPal account? If yes, here is how you can cancel your pornhub premium:

  1. Open your main browser
  2. Got to paypal.com
  3. Log in to your account
  4. Click on the “Preferences” menu
  5. Click on “Payments”
  6. Click on “Show” 
  7. Click on “Manage your automatic payments.”
  8. Find Pornhub Premium in your list of subscriptions
  9. Click on “Cancel”
  10. Congratulations, your Pornhub membership was canceled with PayPal!

If you have canceled your subscription via PayPal or Pornhub website, you will still have access to premium videos until the end of your paid subscription plan ends! So enjoy it while you can!

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