how to cancel playstation now membership

How to Cancel PlayStation Now Subscription in less than a minute ✅

Are you tired of the PlayStation Now subscription? Or have you tried the trial, and you would like to avoid recurring payments? If you said yes, you’ve landed on the perfect article for you to at least one of these. In below next paragraph, I will show you several methods with which you can cancel your PlayStation plus now!

Even though this is an outstanding subscription and you get very good service in exchange for a fairly low amount. Only $9.99 monthly for a premium game streaming service for PS2 all the way up to PS5! But if you are not playing regularly, this is another $120 per year that you could use elsewhere. Especially now at unstable times. Don’t worry, like many things on PS4 & PS5, even unsubscribing from this service is a pretty easy process.

How to cancel PlayStation now

Please choose the tutorial by the device on which you would like to try the process of canceling PS Now!

On PS5

  1. Start your PS5
  2. Open “Settings.”
  3. Go to “User and Accounts.”
  4. Select “Account.”
  5. Go to “payment and Subscriptions.”
  6. Select “Subscriptions.”
  7. Choose “Playstation Now.”
  8. Switch Off Auto-Renew.

On PS4

  1. Launch your PS4
  2. Open options on your home screen
  3. Open “Settings”
  4. Choose “Account Management”
  5. Choose “Account Information”
  6. Scroll down and seek “PlayStation SUbscriptions” once you find it, select it!
  7. Select your PlayStation subscription (Plus or Now), choose it.
  8. Then select the “Turn off Auto-Renew” button.
How to cancel PlayStation plus? The same way, you would cancel PS now, basicly follow the tutorial from this article..

Canceling via a Web browser

  1. Open your main internet browser.
  2. Go to URL: and log in.
  3. In the left menu, click on “Subscriptions.”
  4. Find Playstation Now or Plus Subscription and click on “Turn Off Auto_renew.”

You can use this tutorial on PC, Mac, Android, and even iPhone. It works for all devices that have an internet browser. Technically you can even follow this tutorial on Smart TV. 

On PS3

  1. Open XMB Menu
  2. Go to “PlayStation Network”
  3. Then go to “Account Management.”
  4. Then to “Transaction Management”
  5. And lastly, “Services List.”
  6. Find the subscription that you would like to unsubscribe from, either Plus or Now, and press the “X” button.
  7. Select “Cancel Automatic Renewal” and use the “X” button to confirm!


Can I cancel PlayStation Now after the free trial?

Yes, you can, but you have to cancel ahead of time, so you don’t receive a recurring charge on the payment method with which you have verified your free trial subscription.

Do you lose your games if you cancel PlayStation now?

Unfortunately, if you go ahead with this process, you will lose all your games with all the progress you have made. So far, we have not found any trick or method to get around this. If we do, we will post a new article about it as soon as possible!

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