A step by step guide on how to make a human in little alchemy 1 and 2

How to make HUMAN in Little Alchemy 1 and 2 – Step by step guide 2022

Creating human in Little Alchemy one and two is a bit different. But we are going to show you how you can do this in both games. First, we will start with the more straightforward guide for the first game and then Little Alchemy two.

How do you make human in Little Alchemy 1

For this guide, you will need to have earth and life.

  1. Combine earth + life,
    earth + life
  2. Congratulations, you have just created Human.

If you don’t have earth or life, you can also create a human from scratch with this guide:

  1. Put together air + fire and get energy,
  2. Put together earth + water and get mud,
  3. Put together air + water and get rain,
  4. Put together earth + rain and get a plant,
  5. Put together mud + plant and get swamp,
  6. Put together energy + swamp,
  7. Put together earth + life,
    earth + life
  8. Congratulations, you have just made human from scratch.

Why create a human?

With a human, you can create the following items in pilot, drunk, knight, lumberjack, sickness, Batman, drunk, cyclist, angel, blood, vampire, sailor, baker, house, witch, story, monarch, lumberjack, Santa, watch, milk + minotaur, monarch, baker, allergy, electrician, wizard, monarch, farmer, fireman, fireman, mermaid, angler, baker, music, gardener, nerd, faun, corpse, corpse, caviar, scarecrow, centaur, doctor, family, love, mailman, idea, Jedi, sphinx, butcher, statue, tool, astronaut, carbon dioxide, farmer, farmer, cold + sickness, cyborg, astronaut, sailor, Grim reaper, pilot, ninja, sickness, medusa, snowball + snowman, music, astronaut, astronaut, swimmer, warrior, engineer, vampire, surfer, werewolf, dog + livestock, drunk, electrician, werewolf, house, sweater, and zombie.

How to create human in Little Alchemy 2

If you already have life and clay. You are almost there.

  1. Combine life and clay, and you will get:
  2. Human, Congratulations!

But if you do not have life or clay, here is a step by step guide on how you can make both to create human:

  1. Put together fire + fire, and you will get energy,
  2. Put together water + water, and you will get a puddle,
  3. Put together puddle + puddle, and you will get a pond,
  4. Put together pond + pond, and you will get lake,
  5. Put together earth + earth, and you will get land,
  6. Put together land + land, and you will get continent,
  7. Put together continent + continent, and you will get a planet,
  8. Put together planet + air, and you will get atmosphere,
  9. Put together air + water, and you will get mist,
  10. Put together mist + atmosphere, and you will get cloud,
  11. Put together cloud + energy, and you will get lightning,
  12. Put together earth + fire, and you will get lava,
  13. Put together lava + air, and you will get stone,
  14. Put together fire + stone, and you will get metal,
  15. Put together metal + lightning, and you will get electricity,
  16. Put together electricity + lake, and you will get a life.
  17. Put together earth + water, and you will get mud.
  18. Put together earth + fire, and you will get lava.
  19. Put together lava + air, and you will get stone.
  20. Put together stone + air, and you will get sand.
  21. Put together mud + sand, and you will get clay.
  22. Put together life + clay, and you will get human.

What can you create with a human? 

In Little Alchemy two if you have created human, you can use it for making the following items: Alchemist, Allergy, Angel, Astronautcury, Blood, Butcher, Cold, Corpse, Cyborg, Cyclist, Domestication, Engineer, Family, Farmer, Fireman, Glasses, Hacker, House, Love, Mermaid, Ninja, Potter, Sailor, Scientist, Sickness, Swimmer, Tool, Vampire, Warmth, Warrior, and Watch.

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