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I Love To Help People With Saving Money Online, Have Some Bit Of Online Privacy, And Now I Am Trying To Help People Invest Into Cryptocurrencies On The Educational Channel.

Get discovered on social media

Social media are here to stay with us. Nowadays there is still a chance to get discover and famous. Or if you are running your online business, this is a great way to promote your business at zero cost! Learn how to do that with my guides. 

PS: I will be releasing a free course on how to grow followers on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube very soon.

In the future, I would like to release courses on Facebook and LinkedIn aswell.

Online Websites & Services Guides

Stop paying for subscriptions you no longer use and learn how to delete accounts on websites that you no longer use

online security & privacy
Online privacy & security guides
how to delete accounts
How to delete accounts on various sites
How cancel paid subscriptions
guides on how to unsubscribe
How to unsubscribe from services
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Lately we have received many questions regarding twitch, Discord and youtube, here is quite collection of tutorials for these sites:

Area of Expertise!

Would you like to learn how to grow your social media quickly? If you said yes, you would fall in love with our content. Starting today, I will post almost every day tutorials for social media and tips for fast followers growth. These tips will apply to personal accounts but for e-commerce profiles as well.

Learn how to stay private online and, most notably, how to delete accounts that you are no longer using, since every once in a while, websites get hacked, and your personal info might get hacked with it.

Daily guides on canceling online subscriptions that are every month just taking money out of your account. There is no need for that to happen. Learn how to cancel services that you no longer use.

In preparation, soon, there will be tutorials on how to buy crypto and how to trade cryptocurrency and NFTs.

tutorials for discord app

Best guides for discord app

From how to create and edit a server to delete your account permanently.

tutorials for twitch.tv

User friendly tutorials for Twitch.tv app

From a list of banned words on twitch to how to block users on the Twitch app.