We offer a variety of programming to a primary target audience female 35 plus. We offer frequency and flexibility in the placement when identifying your sponsorship. Our low dial number on cable means we have a better chance of reaching that remote-control user who stops on our channel because of the quality of our programs and our professional appearance. Use the power of demographic targeting on our channel to run a high frequency TV campaign. Benefits of underwriting include frequency of your message, reaching county wide, and, as a donation to a non-profit entity, is tax deductible. You are provided exposure on our web site as well as on our channel becoming associated with award winning program and community image building. We provide both reach and frequency to increase awareness of your underwriting, marketing on a local level, offering a wide variety of local sponsorship and community involvement opportunities. Work with us for a campaign which will incorporate the right message delivered to the right audience.
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Levels and guidelines are available on request. Please email leanne_mcintire@sarasota.k12.fl.us or call 361-6355 for more information.

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