Galilee Cemetery
The Galilee Cemetery is located on Washington Blvd between Myrtle and Martin Luther King Dr. The Galilee Cemetery, along with the older Oaklands/Woodlawn Cemetery on 10th Way was deeded to the "colored people of Sarasota" during the segregation era. The first burial in Galilee is dated 1935.

Like many community-based cemeteries around the USA, the drop in civic engagements means that fewer people are willing to maintain the graveyards. In Sarasota, the Task Force for the Oaklands/Woodlawn and Galilee Cemeteries cleaned up the cemetery and oversee maintenance. Genealogists surveyed the cemetery in 1992 for the names and dates on all the inscriptions, but historical archaeology offers more tools to document the inscriptions, motifs, spatial arrangements, and map of the cemetery.

This program shows the partnership with New College of Florida Professor Dr. Uzi Baram to document the lives of the interred and the Task Force. In February of 2010, Dr. Baram assembled anthropology students from New College of Florida and State College of Florida to assist members of the Task Force in a project that will systematically record the location of as many graves as possible. This is the first step in a research effort that is expected to add several new chapters to our knowledge of Sarasota’s black community.
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Galilee Cemetery

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