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CYD TV is an original program produced by The Education Channel in partnership with Community Youth Development. CYD TV is a high school student - driven talk show that looks at issues of interest to young people. Produced in partnership with The Education Channel, Community Youth Development (CYD) creates environments, events, and activities that cultivate leadership and support positive choices. Launched in 1996, CYD is an unqualified success serving thousands of middle and high school aged youth in Sarasota County each year.

Season 3
Episode 307 - Youth/Adult Partnerships
Episode 306 - 2012 Superintendent's Forum
Episode 305 - Teen in the Arts
Episode 303 - Transformations
Episode 302 - Youth Philanthropy
Episode 301 - CYD Star Leadership, Suicide Prevention, IQ on RX abuse

Season 2
Episode 208 - Youth Leadership Summer Activities
Episode 207 - CYD STAR Leadership, Visitor's Bureau Board, United Way, LookUP941
Episode 206 - CYD Superintendent's Forum Outcomes
Episode 205 - People for Trees, VMS CYD Club, CYD Activities
Episode 204 - "Bullying" Panel Discussion
Episode 203 - CYD Gingerbread House Fundraiser/CYD Candidates Forum
Episode 202 - Children's Movement of FL/CYD Leadership Breakfast
Episode 201 - CYD Overview/Star Leadership
Past Airings
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CYD TV - We Shape the Future!

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